How To Create The Perfect Lip

Feeling festive & what better way to get into the Christmas spirit then a red lip tutorial !
In this tutorial I give tips that will help your lipstick stay put all night long , even if your kissing someone underneath the mistletoe ... (that was cringe... sorry) .

Products Used :

Lip pencil : Primark Lip Pencil


Step 1 : Lip Scrub - You can make your own with honey & brown sugar or oil olive & brown sugar . You can also buy them in Penneys & Lush . Put it on your lips & give them a scrub , then let it sit for a minute before removing it with a damp cloth . It will remove all the dead skin on your lips .

Step 2 : Lip Balm - Apply lip balm to moisturise your lips .

Step 3 : Apply a lipstick of your choice .

Step 4 : I then applied a lip pencil a few shades darker to create a subtle ombre effect .

Step 5 : Conceal around the lips to define them .

Step 6 : Set the concealer in place with powder .

Step 7 : Rip some tissue so its nice & thin , set it on top of your lips & powder . This will make the lips look matte .

Step 8 : Highlight the inner part of your lips to make your lips appear fuller .

Step 9 : Blot your lips so the lipstick doesn't get on your teeth .

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Hope you all enjoyed this weeks video , Its hard to believe Christmas day will be over this time next week ! Hope you all have a good one spent with loved ones.

Thanks for reading/watching .
Alannah x

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