My beautiful friend Linda let me do her make up & video it for a tutorial this week .I will hopefully lure some more people into my videos as models as its nice to see a different face & not just my face all the time haha .This wasn't actually a planned video but she had very little time for me to do her make up so I pressed record on the camera & worked away . Quick & easy make up look .

 I created a smokey eye , defined brows , warm glow & a mauve lip . As you can see from the pictures I applied a foundation a few shades  darker then  her skin because she was telling me she was going to be putting on some fake tan when she got home . Most clients I apply make up on usually have tan on our are going to put tan on after I do there make up .

 Orange eyeshadow works really well making blue eye stand out . So If you have blue eyes and never tried orange eyeshadow , please do it looks amazing ! This was fun to film & we had lots of laughs throughout .  Ill definitely have Linda in another video in the future demonstrating a different look .

                                                        To Watch In HD : Click Here .

Product List

Moisturiser : Lacura - Day Cream
Concealer : Kiko Highlighting Pencil (sadly discontinued)

Pencil Eyeliner : MUD - Black Eye Pencil

Lipstick : Bourjois Lipstick in

Thanks For Reading/Watching .
Alannah x

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