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Todays Make up Muse blog post is on three time Oscar winning make up artist Ve Neill . Ve Neill was born in California in 1951 as Mary Flores . Her next-door neighbour growing up was a Make Up Artist . He used to create amazing Halloween looks & she always said to him that she wanted to do what he does when she got older .

In the early 70s it was a very male dominated industry & Ve Neill was one of the first woman to join the Union & paved the way for other woman . She actually studied Fashion Merchandising in College & at 18 owned her own vintage clothes shop . She learned how to do make up by a man she met at a science fiction convention . She then began to work on some small independent films before getting into the union for make up artists .

She has won Oscars for the make up in Beetlejuice , Mrs. Doubtfire & Ed Wood but she has been nominated for eight Oscars , which makes her the female make up artist with the most Academy Awards/Nominations .

The other make up artists I have written about so far are Fashion/Editorial/Beauty Make up Artists . Ve Neill is a able to create both Beauty & Special Effects Make up but specialises in extreme fantasy looks . She is also a judge on the TV show Face Off , where make up artists compete for $100,000.

She has created some of the most iconic looks in television & film that are recreated year in and year out at Halloween . She worked along director Tim Burton & Actor Johnny Depp quite frequently . Other successful movies she has worked on are 'The Hunger Games' , 'Austin Powers' , 'Hook' , 'The Amazing Spider Man 2 ' , 'X Men :Days Of Future Past ' along with many many more .

This woman is a huge inspiration of mine , she is just an absolute genius & the things she has achieved as a female make up artist in the film industry really inspire me and a lot of other make up artists.

I feel like Make up is a lot different now then when Ve begun her career  , now social media plays a big role in the career of a Make up Artist where as when she begun , her talent, personality & work ethic is what got her to where she is today .

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