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Another Bargain Beauty Buy blogpost . Today it about one of my all time favourite concealers that's an absolute steal. Its the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer from Boots . I use the colour 'Fair Shade 1' which is nice & light in colour so it acts as an under eye highlight/concealer . It was very popular beauty blogger product a few years ago but since hasn't been as popular with so many other concealers coming out . But its one that will always have a place in my kit .


Its full coverage & long lasting . It can crease very slightly if you over apply it under your eye area due to the slightly thick consistency . That's only a minor flaw that just requires applying a thinner layer under your eye area instead of applying a thick layer . The product retails at €5.79 in Boots Store nationwide and comes in 4 shades (the shade in the pictures above is 'Cool Medium Shade 2' )  .

Great at covering dark undereye circles & spots (if I was applying it on a spot I would apply the product to the back of my hand then get another brush to apply it with , otherwise you are contaminating the wand that's with it & spreading germs (aka giving yourself more spots) . Its very similar to the Urban Decay naked concealer but not as lightweight as that one , but for the price you couldn't beat it ! The pigmentation is amazing in this product and its guaranteed to sort out those Monday morning undereye circles . A little goes a long way too so the tube lasts me quite some time .

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