Eye Strobing | The Lastest Beauty Trend

After the Met Gala I have seen quite a few magazine articles on eye strobing saying its the lastest make up trend seen on celebrities on the red carpet  . Eye strobing as they call it has been used in the make up world for years and is not something that has just recently became a thing . It makes your eyes appear bright ,bigger and more awake .

Strobing is adding highlight to the skin to make certain points of your face stand out , eye strobing is basically the same but on the eyes .  It brightens up the inner corners of your eyes .

This is really flattering especially on people with close set eyes (eyes that are close together) because it gives the illusion of the eyes being wider apart instead of drawing them closer . Victoria Secret Models are forever using this technique because it works really well with glowing skin .

How To :
Using  a white eyeliner pencil (I used Nyx Jumbo Pencil In Milk) apply it to the inner corners of your eyes . With a pearly white(I used Urban Decay eyeshadow in Bootycall) or a light silver eyeshadow apply it using your finger or a small brush on top of the white eyeliner .

Are you  a fan of this look ?
As you can probably tell I am a huge fan .
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