Summer Skin | Make up Tutorial

Since its coming into summer (even though its snowing , what is the weather in Ireland not like ? ) I thought I would show you how to achieve a glowy/dewy complexion . I only takes a few simple steps & products to achieve .

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Products Used
Exfoliator : Matis Youth Grain
Moisturiser : Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser
Illuminator : Nars Orgasm Illuminator
Foundation : The Body Shop Moisture Foundation
Cream Highlight : Benefits Watts Up
Cream Blush : Graftobian HD Glamour Crème Palette  - Cool
Darker Foundation : Graftobian HD Glamour Crème Palette - Cool
Spray  : Smashbox Primer Water
Powder Highlight : Blank Canvas Cosmetics Pippa Palette - Lulu

I know a lot of people are fans of matte skin especially oily skinned people so I will try have a post up on matte skin too for those people .

Thanks for watching/reading .
Hope everyone has a lovely bank holiday weekend !
Alannah x

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