5 Things I Learned From The Gary Vee Social Media Masterclass

My favourite Youtuber Gary Vaynerchuk (yes I even prefer his videos over my favourite beauty channels ) came to Dublin on the 21st of March . If you don't know who Gary Vaynerchuk is here's a little brief . He is an entrepreneur ,investor,  author, internet personality & public speaker. He worked in his fathers liquor store . He realised after one of his friends showing him this thing called 'the internet' that he could sell stuff on it , so that's what he done . So for 1000 episodes daily he set in front of a camera tasting wine for WineLibraryTv .Through a mixture of ecommerce, email marketing Vaynerchuk grew the business from $3 million to $60 million a year in five years . In 2009 along with his brother AJ they set up a social media focused digital agency called VaynerMedia . He has four books on business, social media how he grew his businesses etc. I could go on forever about what he does and what he has achieved because there's a lot .

I got up at 6:00am on Monday the 21st to head to the gym then got a four hour bus journey to Dublin to see the Social Media genius give a talk on Social Media & Self-awareness to a huge crowd of likeminded individuals . I am probably a very random fan of his work because I am a 20 year old make up artist from Ireland but I think what he talks about can be adjusted to any career/occupation . He just really gets how the Social media world works .

1 . Focus on your Strengths , Not your weakness .
I like this one a lot because I am someone who always tries to improve myself on stuff that I am not great at instead of spending that valuable time on things I actually am good at and mastering those skills instead .

2. Speed beats perfection .
A lot of us (including me) strive for perfection in things we do . In this fast moving online environment he states that speed beats perfection , because of how fast its moving you need to just do it instead of waiting for the perfect time , equipment whatever it is your waiting for .
3. The Market is the Market .
There is no point in complaining about the way things are going social media /online marketing wise its just the way there going . You don't copy what other companies are doing you focus on what your consumers are demanding instead . Do what the market want because they are the people buying the product at the end of the day.

4. Hustle
Someone asked a question and Gary asked them how many hours a week they where working the person answered  with 50-60 hours a week and Gary answered with well I think you could get at least 20 more hours in , yes 20 ! If you watch his YouTube videos you will know that see the amount he works . You have got to put in the hours to get results  .
5. Self Awareness
One thing he puts a lot of emphases on is self awareness . You really need to know yourself and know what your good at , there's no point lying to yourself .

I was so happy because I made it into his Youtube DailyVee video(3:22) & his Snapchat story( GaryVee) , even though I look like a lost puppy hahaha . Haven't started reading his book yet but really cant wait to sit down and read it . I really admire his drive & his work ethic . If you haven't checked out his channel yet you really should its very motivating .
It was such a well hosted event by Leading Social . I also really enjoyed Pat Divily's talk on how he got to where he is today .
I have a huge interested in Social Media/ Online Marketing I actually did  a night course on it last year on a wim and was surprised at how much I enjoied it .
As always , thanks for reading .
Alannah x


  1. Wow, interesting. Guess we just have to put in the time to see results. :]

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    1. Yeah exactly , just got to have patience and be consistent :)