5 Commonly Asked Make Up Questions | Answered

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1 . Do you need to use face primer ? (general questions about face primer)

Face primer makes a huge different to the finish and longevity of you foundation . Just like building a house your need to prime the walls first to have a good strong base . Moisturiser works well as a primer too because it acts as a barrier between the foundation and your skin while also moisturising your skin helping the foundation apply smoothly .

You can get water based & silicon based primers . If your foundation is water based make sure your using a water based primer . Likewise for silicon , if your foundation is silicon based use a silicon base primer. They will just be more compatible & work well together this way .

Silicon based primer smooths out wrinkles , reduce the appearance of pores & is amazing at keeping foundation on all day/night . Water based is more gentle on the skin & more suitable for everyday wear .

2 .What order should you do your make up in ? Eyes or foundation first ?

I would do eyes first mainly . This just makes it easier to remove any eyeshadow fallout before applying your face primer & foundation . If your doing a natural eye you could get away with applying your face primer & foundation first. Just up to you and what your think works better for you.

3. How to remove/get rid of wrinkles with make up ?

Sadly , you cant . You just have to use products to make your skin more youthful looking & minimize the appearance of wrinkles but nothing will make them completely disappear .

4. Concealer or Foundation first ?

Personal preference . If I was going out on a night out I would apply foundation first then concealer . Just because I know I would be applying foundation anyway then if there is areas I want to conceal more (under eye and blemishes ) I would apply concealer  . For daytime makeup though I would apply concealer first just too see what can be covered with the concealer , if I am happy with what the concealer is covering I can leave out the foundation .

5 . How to choose the right foundation for your skin ?

You need to figure out what kind of look you want from your foundation (dewy, matte , silk ?) , what kind of skin tone you are (warm , cool ,neutral ?) , skin type (oily, dry ,combination?) & what kind of coverage you want (light , medium or full ?) .

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