Top 5 Winter Lipsticks

Since its nearly Christmas (how fast is Christmas flying in?) I thought it would be a good time with all the nights out coming up to write up a blog post on my favourite winter lip sticks . These lipsticks have different finishes and are very suitable for Christmas/New Years nights out .

The most classic red lipstick I have ever come across . Matte perfection .


The most subtle lipstick of them all . Very moisturising and not your typical nude .

A dupe for the Mac lipstick in Rebel . A pink/purple lipstick with a matte finish ,very inexpensive .

When I think winter dramatic lipsticks I think of this one . Matte finish .


Brown lipstick is in at the moment with Kylie Jenner's lip kit that was recently released and sold out in 30 seconds . Although this is more glossy you could apply some tissue over the top of it and powder over the top of the tissue with some translucent powder to give it a matte finish . Easier to get your hands on then the Kylie Jenner lip kit and cheaper .

On another note the lighting today was all over the place one minute it was bright the next minute it was dark & cloudy again . Hence why the pictures are all different lighting .

Thank you for reading & hope you all have a lovely week .

Alannah x

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