Cheaper Alternative : Smashbox Contour Palette

I must say I am a big fan of the Smashbox brand , but I am also a fan of a bargain just like most of us . When I seen this little contour palette that resembles the Smashbox contour palette an awful lot in Penney's for €4 I was very eager to try it to see if it was any way up to the standard of my favourite contour palette .
Penney's/Primark have really raised there game in the make up department I really love there Ps lip pencils , individual eyelashes, brushes and liquid lipsticks .
There was a tester of the contour palette sitting out on the shelf and when I swatched it I wasn't very impressed but decided to give it a proper try and compare it to the Smashbox one .
Both contour kits are in nice compact cases with a mirror and a guideline on where to apply the powders too . Handy for your handbag . The Penney's packaging is actually sturdier then the Smashbox case though .
Penney's : 1   Smashbox : 0
Left Brush : Penney's     Right Brush : Smashbox
Both brushes are the same size , the bristles on the Penney's brush is softer then the Smashbox one , but the Smashbox brush has a nice angle to it , its more durable and blends out contour a little better .
Penney's : 0    Smashbox : 1

                                           Left Side : Smashbox       Right Side : Penney's

The Penney's lightest powder is more pigmented then the Smash box one . The middle powder in the both palettes are completely different the Smashbox one is a bronzer and the Penney's one is a shimmery highlighter. The contour colour in the Smashbox palette is cool toned and the Penney's one is a mixture between the Smashbox bronzer and contour colours . I actually prefer the Penney's shade better . Over all the pigmentation is better in the Smashbox Palette .
Penney's : 0   Smashbox : 1
The Smashbox one is a little creamier in consistency where as the Penney's one is very powdery .
Penney's : 0 Smashbox : 1
 I actually like the Penney's contour better . Although I think the middle highlighter is a waste of space , I would preferred a bronzer like the Smashbox one . But I am going to go with Penney's on this one . Its a little more warmer without being too warm .
Penney's : 1  Smashbox : 0
Final Verdict :
Penney's : 2/5  Smashbox : 3/5
So the Smashbox palette won by a point , although I think the fact that the Penney's palette is €4 would make it a tie . If your buying a gift for someone or like higher end products then I would go for the Smashbox one but if your just buying it for yourself go for this one and save yourself €40 .
Thanks for reading and I hope you found this somewhat helpful.
If you would like to see more of these types of blog posts let me know and I will try find more dupes to high end products .
Alannah x  


  1. Really interesting, as a MUA I think I'd use the smashbox one in my kit tho ;)


    1. Thank you , yeah I would have to agree . The cheaper one is good for personal use but for a make up artist smashbox has the quality clients are paying for :)