5 Tips On Looking Well Rested

We all have those days when your eye bags look like someone punched you(Monday mornings espesically) , but its all good I got you back (and so does coffee) .  Here are some steps to looking fresh even when you feel like you could sleep for an entire week straight .

1 . White/Nude eyeliner is a god sent . Apply some to your waterline , inner tear duct under your brow bone . The redness of your waterline can make you look more tired & by applying white concealer it gives the appearance of brighter more awake looking eyes . I use NYX Cosmetics Wonder Pencil .

2 . Wash your face , its the second best way to feel well more awake in the morning (coffee being the first) . I like to use Simple Moisturising face wash .

3 . Moisturiser or Illuminate your skin . Moisturised skin looks fresh and by applying an illuminating moisturiser (something like Nars Orgasm Illuminator) it will make you look extra glowy and make you look a few years younger .

4 . Pin point concealing . If you wear foundation (bb creams or tinted moisturisers) apply it before your concealer , this way you can see what it covers then all you need is a little concealer to cover those under eye bags ,any spots or redness that are still visible after foundation . It saves you wasting concealer because if you apply it before your foundation you tend to use more . Orange concealer is the opposite of blue & will eliminate any blue/purple under eye bags . You would apply a small amount of the orange concealer before your normal concealer . Usually your under eye circles are darker in the very inner corner so apply the concealer their & then started blending it outwards . NYX Cosmetics have a dark circle salmon toned concealer . The concealer I am currently using is the LA girl Pro Conceal which literally covers everything .

5. Mascara . Mascara opens up the eyes a lot applying it to the top & bottom eyelashes will make you look like your wide awake . My favourite mascara as you all probably already know is Great Lash by Maybelline .

I am writing this as I drink a big cup of coffee at 6:30 on a Thursday morning about to go off & take my own advice and do all these things .

What are your favourite tips for looking well rested ?

Thanks For Reading ,

Alannah x

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