St .Patricks Day | Make Up Inspiration

Since St. Patricks day is only two days away and the fact that I am Irish it only seemed right that this weeks blog post would be inspired  by the day . I haven't got round to creating a green make up look this year (yet, maybe tomorrow possibly) but I have grabbed some inspiration from my favourite website for ideas , Pinterest . Here are some of my favourite looks I have found .

Brown smokey eye with winged eyeliner with a little bit of green eyeshadow applied to the centre of the lid .Subtly being festive .
Brown & green cut crease with the brown blended into the crease of the eye then the green applied to the lid . Perfect if your planning on going out St. Patricks night .

This could be worn in the day time and wouldn't look over dramatic . Apply some green eyeshadow with a small damp blending brush like you would winged eyeliner then go in with a blending brush and blend it out for that smoked out eyeliner effect .

Similar to the second picture I showed . Double wing and more lashes for extra drama . This look is also not as harsh as the other cut crease look .

Here's a picture of a green spotlight eye I did last year . Full tutorial : click here . Spotlight eye make up can make your eyes look a little smaller so if you have really small eyes maybe go for a different make up look like the blended out green eyeliner.

Thanks For Reading , hope you all have a nice St. Patricks day wherever or however your celebrating .

Alannah x

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  1. We don't celebrate St.Patricks day, but these are gorgeous shadows nonetheless!