Fitness : Gym , Sugar Free , Diary Intolerant

Once January comes around we all jump back on the fitness bandwagon for the new year . I was
never really into sports , I did gymnastics and dancing when I was younger but once I went into secondary school I dropped those hobbies like most teenagers do . My family are into fitness and most of are family holidays where kayaking or hiking trips , which I actually enjoyed . But things like the bleep test and sports days in school I absolutely hated .

Last Summer I decided to join a gym .My metabolism was slowing down and I felt like I needed a hobby that would be good for getting rid of stress .  To be honest I didn't think I would last very long with a gym membership , but to my surprise I actually really enjoyed going and hate missing days . This is a big thing for someone who wasn't a fan of exercise . I think we all have that fear of joining a gym thinking everyone's staring at you and wondering why your there for but you soon realise , no one actually cares what anyone else is doing . If you don't know what your doing you could also hire one of the personal trainers to show you around the gym and tell you how to use the equipment properly .

I have kept up the gym since then and had three weeks off for Christmas , so I was happy to get back .The eating is the thing that I struggle with , I don't mind exercising anymore but I always find myself thinking ' I deserve that after all that exercise' . Completely defeating the purpose . Chocolate with tea is my weakness ! 

I had a fitness plan from the gym but I didn't really stick to it . I just kept going to the gym and eating normally .

Since its January my goal is to keep up the gym but eat clean also . That's why I am starting a Sugar Free Plan  . After reading up and watching programmes ( That Sugar Film 2014 , definitely watch it ) about sugar and the damage it does to our bodies is something else . Where all aware its not good for you but I never realised the extent .

I was also told I was Diary intolerant a few years ago .I get bad sinuses if I eat too much Diary . It weakens my immune system and causes bloating .

So as well as going off sugar I decided to finally go off diary . Which basically sounds like I will be eating lettuce and drinking water for the rest of my life , right ? Wrong . The nutritionist that has done out this plan for me has giving me loads of recipes and meals ideas on what I can eat .

I just want to be a healthier person , it has nothing to do with weight for me . You eat crap , you feel like crap .

Thanks for reading and have a nice fun filled weekend .

Alannah x

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  1. I'm glad you have found fulfillment in the gym, I haven't yet but then again I am still young and quite busy with life, so maybe I'll have the spark once I am a bit older xx