Simple Special Effects Make-up

Being a Make up Artist I wait all year for Halloween to get creative with my make up looks. The more scary/ gory the looks are the better. Here is a blog on simple special effects make up that really don’t take long to create but are very effective and perfect for Halloween. Some of the products used might have to be purchased online and I recommend doing a patch test on the crease of your arm prior to use. You can place the wounds wherever you like, these pictures or just a guideline.

Acid Burn

Product List
Kryolan gelix skin
Dark Purple face paint
Black face paint
Fake blood
Wooden spatula
Paint brush (Make up brush will probably get destroy so I would use a expensive brush)

Step By Step
Step 1: Using your sponge apply the dark purple face paint all over the area you want the acid burn.
Step 2:But the gelix still in the bag into a bowl of hot water, you don’t want the gelatin to boil or over heat or it wouldn’t work as well. Then pour the contents of the bag into another bowl. You have to work fast with this product because it dry’s fast and you will have to melt it again. You take your wooden spatula and you spread the gelix skin (once its not hot enough to burn you) over the purple area. Don’t worry about trying to make it smooth the bumper the wound the more realistic it is.
Step 3: Once the gelix skin has dried you can add some black face paint to the burn with a brush to create some depth. Also add some blood.


Product List
Rigid Collodion Liquid ( Collodion should not be used on the same place more then five times as it can leave a scar )
Red & Purple face paint

Step by Step
Step 1: Mix the red and purple face paint.
Step 2: Paint a thin scar with the colour you have just mixed

Step 3: Apply five layers of collodion right on top of the scar mark.

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