4 Multipurpose Make-up Products

This blog post is about make up products with multipurpose uses saving money and time. This will be especially useful for college students on a tight budget.

Blusher & Bronzer For Eye shadow
I love using bronzer in the socket of my eyelids; it gives a really subtle natural look and warms up the face. Same goes for blusher although blush colours are more bright and vibrant if your looking of a pink eye shadow a blusher will work fine.

Translucent Power to Set concealer, foundation and lipstick
Translucent powder is a great product it sets liquid products and make them last all day, but most people just use powder on an oily t-zone .If you purchase a translucent powder instead of a foundation powder you can use it for many things. Using a clean blending brush you can powder over your under eye concealer to set it or any cream eye shadows. Also if you want to make you lipstick last longer you can get a piece of tissue rip it in half so there’s just a thin piece of tissue left, place it over your lips then powder over the tissue, this will prolong the wear of the lipstick.

Eye shadow as eyeliner
Want to experiment with purple eyeliner but don’t want to purchase a purple liquid liner because you know it would go to waste? Then this is perfect for you.
Scrap out some of you eye shadow on to a clean palette so you don’t contaminate the whole eye shadow. Damping your eyeliner brush. Dip your brush into the eye shadow shavings and apply your eyeliner like normal. The eyeliner might not last as long as gel or liquid liner but it works pretty well. The eye shadow needs to be highly pigmented for this to work because you want the colour to glide on even like a liquid liner and not to look sheer.

Concealer as Eyelid Primer
A make up artist once told me that she never used eyelid primer and that she thought it was just another product the make up industry could make money out of. She said she always used concealer. Then I started using concealer as an eyelid primer and realized concealer works just as well if not better then eyelid primer. A little goes a long way and you have to blend it out, if you apply too much it will make your eye shadow crease. It makes your eye shadow last longer and makes the eye shadow more vibrant.

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