The 'F' Word

Your probably reading this title thinking this is going to be a blogpost about the curse word that rhymes with the word 'duck' , aren't you ? That was me just trying to think of a eye catching title , did it work ? In this blogpost I am actually talking about the word 'Fail' .

Failure is a very hard thing for a lot of us to deal with especially when you want something really badly . Everyone fails at something at some part of there life . I have failed a lot in my life . I have failed sports competitions , every kind of school exam and the list goes on. I used to define myself by those failures & think I was a failure . Over the past few years , loads of failing , trying again it has made me stronger & more determined then every  . After we fail we can either give up or try again . Please pick try again . I know failure can leave you disheartened & upset but you will never succeed if you quit at the first hurdle or second (even third) hurdle . As the saying goes 'winners never quit and quitters never win'.

When I went to college & was studying make up I failed my first airbrushing exam . I was really upset about it because anyone that knows me knows that I absolutely love make up . I wasn't 100% sure on how to work the airbrush gun as it was are first time using it , it got blocked & started spitting out the colour unevenly on the clients skin . Also I was spraying too close to the clients face & the make up was running down her face . It was really just a disaster I had a photo of it which I cant find but I used to look back on it and laugh . But in a way that was a blessing in disguise . After that day I went home dismantled my airbrush gun started cleaning it since there was a blockage & learnt how to put the airbrush gun back together . I got 100% in my end of year airbrush make up exam . I honestly believe it was because of the lesson I learnt that first day . I learnt how to work my airbrush gun better,all the different pieces & how to work it better .

In secondary school I used to not try in PE because I thought if I failed at least it was because I didn't try instead of trying and failing . Which is the stupidest way of thinking ever .

At the end of the day failing at something can be a good thing sometimes as it prepares you for next time & makes you learn valuable lesson on what not to do . When you do succeed you will appreciate it more because or the hard work it took to get you there .

Remember failure is an event , not a person - Zig Zaglar

Thanks for Reading,

Alannah x

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