Miss Bikini Ireland - Update | RTE & MY TASK

This week Miss Bikini Ireland girls got to go RTE studios to see the recording of 'Know the Score' which is a sports quiz show where Irish Athletes go head to head to see who is the most knowledgeable  .  

We went to RTE for half six for a drink reception before the show started . It was cool seeing behind the scenes of a quiz show and all the work that goes into recording something like that . I cant say too much about the show but it will be airing in November on RTE and is gonna be a good one so definitely tune in to it . Keep an eye out for us Miss Bikini girls in the audience .  The Miss Bikini Ireland team really put there heart and soul into organising things for all us contestants and I am so grateful . Its not everyday I get to do something like that . I got pictures with Galway hurler Joe Canning & Boxer Andy Lee as well as a group picture with the other girls who attended .

I have my task this in Dublin and wouldn't find out what it is until then . Me and the girls that are doing the task with me will find out what the task is by text in front of the camera so are reactions will be authentic . I have absolutely no idea what task it will be but I am kind of hoping for the fitness task . There was about 7 task and a handful of us where chosen for each one tasks include stuff like Make up Task , Photoshoot task , Catwalk task etc  . There is one winner for each task an they will automatically will have a place in the top 10 on the night of the final .

As you all probably know at this stage the night of the final is 50% judges vote & 50% text vote . I would love nothing more to represent Ireland at Swimsuit USA International so every vote counts. To vote text 'BIKINI 109' to 57003 . UK and Northern Ireland votes text 'BIKINI 109' to 60999.

Thanks for the continued support .
Appreciate it a lot .

Alannah x

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